Mammoet Volvo truck, from a Mammoet Road Cargo press release

Mammoet Road Cargo renews fleet with 35 Volvo trucks

Mammoet Volvo truckVolvo Truck

Mammoet Road Cargo is taking 35 new Volvo FH trucks into service, over a three-year period, for exceptional transport. The trucks will be delivered from the Bluekens branch in Roosendaal.

Mammoet Road Cargo is a specialist in exceptional road transport in Europe. “Anything that is too long, too wide, too high and/or too heavy we transport,” says Marco Jorissen, Managing Director of Sales & Operations. “Our specialisms are the transport of aircraft engines and aircraft parts, (hoisting) cranes, construction equipment, ship parts and project cargo. We now do that with 50 trucks and 75 trailers.”

Volvo trucks were chosen because of the favourable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the good service from Volvo dealer Bluekens Truck and Bus. Mammoet ordered 15 Volvo trucks in 2017. According to Huib Groeneveld, Manager of Operations, “These functioned satisfactorily and the price-quality ratio was good. Now we issued another tender and compared different brands. Volvo’s TCO picture came out best.”

The order includes the delivery of Volvo FH tractors in different configurations: 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4. Eleven Volvo trucks have now been delivered, most recently the first new Volvo FH 500 6×2 tractor. The remaining vehicles will be delivered over the next three years. Mammoet Road Cargo looks at more than just the trucks.

Mammoet Volvo truck from Mammoet Road Cargo Press Release
Mammoet Volvo Truck

Groeneveld adds: “In terms of configuration, we have many of the same trucks, but the permits linked to the trucks differ. For example, one combination may be three metres wide in one country, but not another. Such a permit is specifically linked to the registration number in some European countries, which often makes it impossible to exchange trucks. So if there is a problem with a truck, we need to be helped immediately and we expect the dealer to set the right priorities at such times. Bluekens Truck and Bus understands this. Recently, for example, a truck stood still because the gear lever was faulty. Bluekens Truck and Bus immediately arranged for another gearshift to be put in the truck so that we were back on the road within 1.5 hours. In addition, Volvo Trucks has service points all over Europe, which is important for us as we drive all over Europe.”


All new trucks are equipped with the fuel-efficient Turbo Compound engine. The trucks are also equipped with a variety of additional features. The recently delivered Volvo FH 6×2 tractor is equipped with a retarder for extra braking power. The truck also has a sliding frame, which allows the position of the fifth wheel to be variable for optimal axle load distribution. The sliding frame makes the truck suitable for the various types of euro-low loaders deployed by Mammoet Road Cargo. Furthermore, the Volvo FH 6×2 and 6×4 tractors are equipped with I-Shift with creep gears, allowing the driver to manoeuvre at very low speeds. Groeneveld: “Especially with high weights and a lot of manoeuvring, I-Shift with creep gears is a godsend.”


Jorissen: “We want to be completely unburdened, which is why we take out a Gold Service Contract with Connected Service Planning, Active Follow Up and Real-Time Monitoring as standard. Bluekens follows our trucks and takes care of everything for us, just like when the trucks are assembled. The crate assembly is taken care of by CCH from Halsteren and Bluekens and CCH coordinates this with each other without us having to worry about it. The same goes for the additional paintwork done by Bluekens’ paint shop in Goes.”

Author: Emma Dailey

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