Largest column heads for Sibur's Amur GCC

Largest column heads for Sibur’s Amur GCC

The tallest column for the C3 pyrolysis unit at Sibur’s Amur gas chemical complex (Amur GCC) is nearing delivery to the facility. Sibur informed recently that the 111-meter column weighing 968 tons was reloaded at the De-Kastri seaport (Khabarovsk Territory). 

The unit was delivered onboard BigLift’s heavy-lift vessel and transferred to ‘Tomsk’, a specially designed barge with a total carrying capacity of 5,700 tons. Once the towing train is assembled, the barge will go through Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, along the Amur and Zeya rivers, to a temporary berth located at 212th kilometre of the river Zeya near the city of Svobodny.

Upon arrival, the convoy will be reloaded onto a special self-propelled modular transporter which will mark the start of the last mile delivery stage. This stage will require dismantling the span of a non-public railway overpass for the unimpeded transportation of equipment.

The column will be delivered to the Amur gas chemical complex site, where the installation is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Photo source: Sibur

NIPIGAS handles logistics for Sibur’s Amur GCC

NIPIGAS is entrusted with managing the logistics of large-scale equipment delivery to the project site. NIPIGAS also participates in the consortium together with Linde as the EPss contractor (engineering and procurement management), in terms of pyrolysis unit, which will be the world’s largest unit with 2.3 mtpa single production capacity. NIPIGAS also acts as EPC contractor (engineering, procurement and construction management) in terms of utilities and off-site facilities (U&O). Besides, NIPIGAS serves as the general design contractor of the complex.

Sibur’s Amur gas chemical complex (GCC) project is set to house one of the world’s largest and most advanced polymer production facilities. The Amur GCC project will include installation of a combined polyethylene and polypropylene facility with the total production capacity of 2.7 mtpa. The feedstock of the project is to be sourced from Gazprom’s Amur gas processing plant (GPP), which is currently being implemented by NIPIGAS. The Amur GCC will receive ethane and LPG for further processing into high value-added products. Completion of the construction and commissioning works is set for 2024-2025.

In total, it is planned to deliver about 12,000 tons of oversized equipment for the pyrolysis unit and polymer plants of the complex this year. The operation involves five sea vessels. During navigation in 2021, barge towing trains will have to perform a total of 17 trips.

Author: Adnan Bajic

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