Silvasti transports a scrubber through the ice to the port of Hamina

Image: Silvasti

Silvasti, a Finnish transportation company, delivered a scrubber from Savonlinna to the port of Hamina, in southeastern Finland. The cargo was moved on a 20-axle modular trailer with the aid of a pusher truck, needed for the conditions of the road.

The scrubber measured 40 metres in length, 5,6 metres in width, and 7 metres in height, for a total weight of 250 tons. 35 hours were necessary to cover the 250 kilometres. The convoy, in fact, left Savonlinna on Monday at 12 PM and reached the port of Hamina on Tuesday at 11 PM.

This transportation was not free of challenges. As Silvasti posted on LinkedIn, “road maintenance had to be requested for almost every town passed due to icy conditions”. In the town of Imatra, for instance, a sanding track was requested to drive ahead to ensure the cargo’s safe passage through the town.

Image: Silvasti

What is a scrubber?

Scrubbers are devices used to remove particulate matter and harmful components from the exhaust gasses generated from the combustion processes in marine engines. Their purpose is to implement pollution control. Exhaust gas streams are passed inside the scrubber where an alkaline scrubbing material is present to neutralize the acidic nature of the exhaust gasses.


Silvasti is one of the leading companies in special transportation throughout northern Europe, with subsidiaries in Finland, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Russia. It is worth mentioning the origin story of this family business. In the 1970s, a concrete plant in the village of Kangashäkki in central Finland needed to deliver their oversized concrete beams to their customers. For this specific purpose, Jukka Silvasti decided to start a company that now employs almost 200 people and, in 2017, increased its turnover to almost 50 million euros.

Author: Marco Raimondi

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