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Swire bulk launches new liner service

The Singapore-based dry bulk trading division of the multinational Swire Group, Swire bulk, launched a new liner service in June, connecting Europe and Southeast Asia. One to two vessels will be deployed on a monthly...Read more
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MSC ships 11 wagons across the Atlantic

ShippingMSC has shipped 11 ballast wagons from Antwerp to Montevideo in a single shipment. To accommodate the wagons, a bed of 24 fourty-foot flat racks was created, generating a surface area of nearly 675 square...Read more
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Ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge merge

Ports & TerminalsThe City of Antwerp and the City of Bruges have reached an agreement to merge their ports. The combined port, to be named Port of Antwerp-Bruges, won’t climb the ladder in ranks but will further...Read more
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MACS upgrades Maputo service

ShippingPRESS RELEASE – MACS has upgraded its existing Maputo service which connects Europe with Maputo in Mozambique. By changing the vessel rotation the German carrier has shortened the transit time.Read more
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AML, SAL and Mammoet move 955-tonne pressure vessel

ShippingUnder the supervision of the Antwerp-based freight forwarder AML, SAL Heavy Lift and Mammoet have transported a massive 955-tonne pressure vessel from Belgium to Russia. Manufacturer Coek Engineering spent two years on the construction of...Read more
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Port of Rotterdam handles more breakbulk in 2019

BreakbulkThe Port of Rotterdam handled 2.9% more conventional breakbulk in 2019 as a result of an increase in extra cargo packages, the port authority states. The growth is somewhat surprising as Europe’s leading breakbulk port,...Read more
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AAL Shipping launches new liner service

AAL Shipping is launching a new, monthly liner service which will connect main ports in Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia to serve the multipurpose and heavy-lift markets.  The company will deploy its second-generation 31,000...Read more
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Breakbulk volumes in Antwerp take massive hit

BreakbulkConventional breakbulk volume in Antwerp has taken a massive beating in 2019, dropping 18% year-on-year. Port of Antwerp describes the decrease as “a consequence of the turbulence in the world”, pointing at the ongoing trade...Read more
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MSC pulls plug on West-African ro/ro service

Ro/roMSC has pulled the plug on its ro/ro service between Le Havre, Antwerp and West-Africa, which began service in February last year. The company cites low freight rates and safety concerns as the main reasons...Read more
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New shipping line connects Antwerp with Morocco

New serviceOperating under the name Camabe Line, Moroccan shipping agency Idea Maroc and Dutch shipping company Vertom Shipping & Trading have created a new conventional shortsea shipping line that will connect the port of Antwerp with...Read more
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Mammoet eyes petrochemical contracts in Antwerp

IndustryMammoet Belgium has opened a new facility in the Port of Antwerp to provide localized support to the region’s growing petrochemical and industrial sector. The Port of Antwerp is home to the largest integrated oil and...Read more
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Breakbulk and ro/ro volumes North Sea Port down

Breakbulk North Sea Port, the newly formed, biggest breakbulk port of Northwest-Europe, saw its breakbulk volume slide in the first quarter of 2019 due to increased containerization of perishables like bananas. Ro-ro volume was also down.  Total...Read more
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