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Toepfer: MPP premiums above 2008 peak

Toepfer: MPP vessel premiums above 2008 peak

Time charter rates for MPP vessels available immediately or in a few weeks’ time have surpassed the peak levels of 2008, the Hamburg-based broker Toepfer Transport said in its latest briefing. The MPP market is...Read more
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Charter rates pass USD 7,000 mark

The charter rates for multipurpose vessels continue their positive trend into the new year and have broken through the USD 7,000 mark. The average day rate for 12,500 dwt MPP vessel now stands at USD...Read more
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Charter rates have bottomed out

The charter rates for multipurpose vessels have bottomed out. Toepfer’s Multipurpose Shipping Index for July shows the rates bouncing back a notch to 6,391 dollars per day for a 12,500 dwt geared vessel. Read more
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Charter rates keep falling

Daily charter rates for multipurpose vessels keep falling as a result of lower demand caused by the coronavirus. Rates have already fallen by 13% since the beginning of 2020 and the pace of the decline...Read more
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