Blue Water Shipping to provide logistics solutions for CO2 storage project

Blue Water Shipping to provide logistics solutions for CO2 storage project

Photo source: Blue Water Shipping

International transport and logistics company, Blue Water Shipping, has been tagged to provide the logistics solutions for a newly established CO2 storage consortium. 

The company has been tasked with creating the logistics solutions for the Greensand project, a new pilot project set up to clear the way for storage of CO2 in the North Sea from 2025.

In the Greensand project this covers acquisition of special containers able to transport CO2, handling of containers and chartering the vessel carrying them offshore and back again.

The aim of the consortium is to obtain the political objective of storing 4-8 million tonnes of CO2 annually from 2030. By means of CCS technology (Carbon Capture and Storage), it will be possible to capture, transport and store CO2 in drained oil wells in the Nini field situated in the Danish North Sea. The CCS technology is based on an imitation of earth’s own CO2 cycle.

“We acquire a large number of IMO certified ISO-containers to transport the liquid CO2, charter the right vessel given the assignment and deliver a transport frame to the containers, so they can be transported safely. The frame is designed by our own technical department, as well as they will perform calculations on the movements of the vessel,” said Allan Leiberg who is business development manager at Blue Water, Energy & Projects.

Sustainable development in the right setup

Denmark’s ambitious climate goal of reducing CO2 emission by 70 percent in 2030 is to be helped along by the findings of the Greensand project. The project is the first of its type in Europe.

The former oil field is located in an optimal depth of 1,5-2,3 km and is encased in cap rocks. The area – which has retained oil and gas for 10-20 million years – is geologically very stable making it a safe and permanent storage site for CO2.

In total, 29 operators have joined the consortium cooperating to solve the many new tasks carried along by the project. The other members are Danish and international companies, research institutes and other specialists with knowledge of monitoring technologies.

Author: Adnan Bajic

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