Topic: Heavy-lifting

Mammoet and LADOL create project cargo hub in Lagos

PRESS RELEASE – Nigerian company Lagos Deep Offshore Logistic Base (LADOL) and Mammoet, the global have signed a strategic partnership aimed at expanding LADOL’s project cargo capacity for industrial sectors in West Africa. The partnership will enable...Read more
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Mammoet loses ALE brand following takeover

Mammoet has dropped the name ALE Heavy Lift following its takeover of the third-largest heavy lift company in the world. Effective January 8th, the business will be completely incorporated and operate under the Mammoet brand. Over...Read more
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Video: A fishy load for Bluewater and Jumbo

PRESS RELEASE – Blue Water Singapore and Jumbo Shipping have completed a challenging heavy-lift transportation from Vietnam to Norway, moving four trawler hulls of 500 tons each in a single shipment.  “Our scope started in the...Read more
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